Northern Ireland: The Cast

July 1, 2010

I figured I may have a reader or two (fingers crossed!) who isn’t family and thought, maybe I’ll introduce you to the cast of characters for my recent trip so you all know who I’m talking about when I’m talking about them. So let’s begin!

JOHNY MAC – aka Papa, aka Mi Da – Born and raised in Belfast, Norther Ireland, it is safe to say that Johny Mac was our tour guide/story teller/GPS system (b/c renting one was another 9 Euro a day and you know I’m cheap).

JAZZY JAX – aka Mama Jax, aka Lady J, aka Jackie – Step Mom extraordinaire, Jazzy Jax kept the troops in line, well fed and well bathed. (Which was not an easy feat when we get to Day 3).

CATE – aka My Big Sister – Acting out all over Ireland, Cate was a happy tourist visiting family and getting inked while making her 2nd trip to the Emerald Isle.

MIKE – aka Mikey, aka Cate’s Husband – The silliest BIL you can ask, Mikey is constant entertainment and full of random information you may, or may not, care to know. 🙂

JORDAN – aka Jordo, aka My Step Brother – Jordan makes his first ever appearance on TPP and in Ireland! Also a house of random information, you can count on Jordan to break the silence with a funny story.

CAITLYN – aka Jordan’s Girlfriend – Caitlyn is a long lost sister of mine and Cate’s. Just as fun and goofy as we are, she was adopted by my Dad while we strolled the streets of Newcastle.

Then, of course, there is us! And in case you don’t know yet, we are Jerry and Emily, entertainment/paparazzi/peace makers/fun revelers.

I can’t wait to get started on our journey!