Red Wings

June 14, 2010

…and I’m not in Detroit!

One of the greatest things about Rochester is all of the minor league teams. So we went to a game!

It even threatened to rain (but didn’t) and I got a pretty sweet photo.

And then some of our friends showed up! Well, they were there already but across the field and we had some open seats so they headed our way. 🙂

They’re a little camera shy. :p

Gotta love a baseball game! How’d you spend your weekend?


The Dark Side

June 11, 2010

The left side of the front of our house happens to be shaded by a large and lovely dogwood tree. That sentence was only to explain why I named this post what I did.

Moving on.

Two weeks later, I finally got around to edging “the dark side” of the front garden. Just thought I’d share an updated photo!

I know it’s a quick post with *gasp* only 1 photo but I’ve been otherwise preoccupied this week. There have been MAJOR developments on the wedding front and I’m so excited to share them once we get them finalized!


June 9, 2010

I recently saw a post on Young House Love about their new and improved toilet (more interesting than you would imagine!) and saw the HydroRight Dual-Flush Converter.

I like saving green both in and outside of my wallet so I looked it up and was jaw-droppingly surprised by the price. I have to say, I was hesitant to buy it – sounds too good to be true but the Petersiks have it. They must get a bazillion things to try and only post about the ones they like so I quickly decided that I trust their judgement and ordered mine.

And Jerry installed it. 🙂 B/c I’m spoiled.

There it is! In all its toilety goodness!

I have to admit, I do love that there is a button to push instead of a handle – it feels so futuristic!

Sometimes we have to push the single button twice (defeating the purpose of the thing) but then that’s only like flushing once still…so…whatever.

PP Get any new gadgets? As seen on TV items? Find any winners in the pack? Let me know!

Thrifty Girl

June 7, 2010

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve stomped into one of my favorite thrift stores but nothing was stopping me this weekend!

Let’s take a peek at what I found!

I’m going to start with an item that I purchased without knowing exactly what I’d do with it (which usually is a no-no):

I love dogwood flowers. Maybe it’s b/c of the large and lovely tree in my front yard, maybe it’s not…but mostly it is. And this dish was just too pretty to pass up!

The following vase I reasoned I could use at our wedding to hold lollipops, flowers, licorice (or not) and JB bit.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good piece of milk glass? And can I please give you some advice? I never buy a piece of milk glass for more than 3 smackers. Never. This one just made it under the mark!

I got the triplets at 2 different stores, all three together cost under 5 bucks and these could also work on a candy buffet at a wedding…who knows?!

Now, the following, ahem, artwork, ahem, will be taken apart so that I can use the frames for my own art project…you know, if I ever get to it.

Or do you love the stitch work and overly dried flowers? Think I should keep it? :p (They actually photographed a lot nicer than they actually are…thought I’d put that out there).

I got a few other items as gifts and I know one of the recipients actually reads the blog (heeheehee, do you know who you are?!) so I can’t post them now. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably forget to post them after I gift them.

PP Find anything good in your local hunts? Do you have a specific store you have to go to for the best finds? Spill!


June 3, 2010


We did it! We finally signed up for Netflix and our first movie arrived yesterday.

That’s right boys and girls…er, boy and girl? That’s probably more like it.

Anyway, the mister and I ended up watching the entire first disk (which is what was sent to us) in one sitting.


“…the mister and I…”

No need to check your prescriptions, Jer said he actually liked it, “It’s a little bit, well, a lot a bit girlie but…it’s okay.” I believe those to be his exact words.

PP What was your first Netflix movie? Or are you as slow as we are and haven’t signed up yet? :p

5K? Yes, Please!

June 2, 2010

Wait a minute…you’re not talking about cash?



Tomorrow, Jerry and I will “run” unprepared in our first ever 5K, the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.

Wish us luck!

PP Have you done anything of the ridiculous sort lately? Like sign yourself up for a 5K thinking you can train in 4 weeks on the couch? Yeah…I’m feeling awesome right about now.

Livin’ On The Edge

May 26, 2010

This past weekend was somewhat successful in terms of working on projects around the house – I even managed to get Jerry to Home Depot to check out, wait for it, EDGERS!

They had a lot of choses if I wanted red but, no offense to those who have chosen red pavers or red mulch *shivers*, I’d like something a little more natural.

Without going out and buying expensive stones from the place at the bottom of the hill, I headed to Lowe’s for more options where I found…one.

GAH! (This is me pulling out my hair).

I ended up settling on the cheapest one which was the actually the closest to what I was looking for anyway and was surprised at exactly how cheap it was when I got to the checkout.

40 cents a pop for 40 edgers?!

Say whaaaat?

Turns out, I was being charged for the wrong edger which I discovered when I went back for 20 more.

Anywhooo, half of the front garden is now expertly edged and ready to block grass and weeds from encroaching on my garden!


Oh! This picture reminds me – we modified the far right side of the garden and put down grass seed to make everything look a little more under control.

B/c we need all the control we can get – in the garden and out. :p And it will look more under control when that grass grows in.

PP What does your garden look like these days? OH! I have the cutest mini strawberry plants from my mom in the front garden and I took a photo – enjoy!