November 27, 2010

Still in the same house but now talking about it on a new blog!

Head over to According to Boyle for my 2nd attempt at blogging!



June 17, 2010

Needless to say to my 3 readers, I’ve been a little absent this week and it’s for 2 reasons. 2 very legit reasons.

1. I’m getting married. A lot of planning goes into getting married and we’ve just confirmed a date and a place. Check, check!

2. I’m going to Ireland! It’s my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary (they live in Belfast) so I’ll be traveling with family to visit them (and the rest of my Father’s family) and taking a holiday in Newcastle! *sigh* Sometimes it’s awesome to have family living overseas.

So, my apologies, but I have been quite happily busy and will be MIA for the next week. 🙂

Have a good one!

Date Night…Necklace

May 5, 2010

File this one under impulse buy.

How cute is that? This etsy shop, crave, has the sweetest little necklaces and jewelry.

Yes, I paid full price for this necklace and I would do it again (which, you may know by now, I don’t do very often)!

Actually, the seller has some initial necklaces that would look super cute on some future bridesmaids I know…now the wheels are spinning!

PP What did you splurge on lately? Spill all the dirty details here!

Work It Out: Skate To This

April 27, 2010

Yesterday I laced snapped up my skates and hit the streets.


  • That is my dirty, unfinished breezeway.
  • Those are my ridiculously old roller blades (that I have had and fit in since the 5th grade – size 8 1/2).
  • I am only 5’3″ and have size 8 1/2 (or sometimes 9) feet.
  • I understand rollerblading isn’t exactly what the cool kids are doing these days (trust me, I rolled by them and they snickered).

Using the free App from RunKeeper, I tracked my trips around the block.

Monday I went au natural only listening to the soundtrack of nature (I know, super cheese, but I can’t think of another way to say it) and I ended up skating 1.62 miles in just over 12 minutes.

Not that great.

Determined, I got out there today with my ancient iPod (not as ancient as the blades but you’ll get the idea in a minute).

I made it to my quitting point from yesterday and then a funny thing happened. This:

Thank you, Sir Mix A Lot, for not only helping me get in another .67 miles but for helping me finish strong.

I did face a lot more wind today so my time wasn’t awesome but then again, wind in Rochester is like, duh, gonna happen. <– (Yes, folks, I am a professional writer!) So I should just get used to it.

Anywhoooo…my point is this: I am now trying rollerblading and I work out better to music.


PP How about you? Do you listen to the chitter chatter of the birdies or do you rock out? If so, what’s your absolute get-me-through-the-end-of-this-workout song? I need to know!

Easter: Part 2

April 14, 2010

Let’s get right to it.

Easter, early afternoon, Port Jeff, beach, the Hs:

Peach Kennel Oil

February 25, 2010

I was checking my dashboard, as I regularly do, to see if any new comments have popped up on the blog here and I came across an interesting find.

Someone found my blog by searching for “peach kennel oil”!

So, there isn’t such a thing as peach kennel oil but there is such a thing as peach kernel oil which is used in soap, shampoo and other bath or body products.

Fitting, seeing as I’m a body product junkie.

I’m glad you found me, peach kernel oil searcher! 🙂

Work It Out: Week 5 & 6

February 22, 2010

I’ve actually been posting these about a week after I write them and it’s getting really confusing so I’m bringing you up to speed.

The original plan was to write a post on this monday for next monday so I would be ahead of myself and always have a monday post ready to go but…I’m lazy. And it is getting harder and harder to remember what happened two weeks ago.

So this week we’re playing catch up.

After the snowboarding nonsense…Jerry and I were pretty sore.

The next day we went for a walk and got engaged. 🙂 *sigh*

The rest of the week we kept to our workout schedule and made jokes when Tony Horton (P90X instructor) told us that the tip of the day was to “ENGAGE.”

“And I’m not telling you to go out and get engaged -”

“But we did, Tony Horton!”

(Yes, we talk to Tony Horton while working out and yes, we always call him by his full name).

Anyway, last Friday we went out on that whirlwind road trip and missed 2 days of work outs.


We’ve been trying to play catch up since then. Here’s what’s going on…

Friday, 2/12, made our work out and then left for my Dad’s house.

Saturday, 2/13, drove the bulk of our trip (from point B to E in one day) so had no time for kenpo. 😦

Sunday, 2/14, is a rest or stretch day so we counted it as our rest day.

Monday, 2/15, we were still in Ohio but managed to get home around 4PM. Too exhausted to work out.

Tuesday, 2/16, we finally got to kenpo and thought maybe we could pull two workouts in a day?

Not likely.

We were still pretty spent from all the driving.

Then on Wednesday 2/17, and Thursday, 2/18, we did the work outs from last Saturday and Monday.

Sarah and Dan came with the twins on Friday so I spent 5 hours cleaning like mad and had no time to work out but was sufficiently sweaty and exhausted from all the cleaning.

No, I’m not counting that as my workout but we did sub in shoveling layers of ice and snow from the driveway for over an hour as our cardio on Thursday. :p

Needless to say, no working out happened on Saturday or Sunday as the gang was all here.

In summary, JB and I are 6 days and 5 workouts behind (Sunday is a rest day).

Now you know where we are at this very second.

So I’m off to work out.

Wish me luck. :\