Cast Of Characters

Miss Em

This girl. And okay, no one calls me “Miss Em” except for my Uncle Eddie (not to be confused with my mutt, Eddie) but it makes me feel as southern as this Georgia peach should! Hello, my name is Emily.

I’m a freelance producer/assistant director working retail to make ends meet.

My non-production interests include interior design, photography, travel, and my dear old dog!

Mr. B

Jer, Jer-Bear, Jerry, hubs, boyfriend, JB, BF, babe, hunka hunka burnin’ love.

Or anthing along those lines.

My boy toy (see there’s another one) and I met in ’02, have been dating since ’03, shackin’ up since ’05 and will someday be legally married. Until then, we play house and he brings home the bacon. Well, figurative bacon b/c JB is the only one in the house who actually eats it. :p

Crazy Eddie

For realz. The name suits him but you wouldn’t know it unless you lived with him and even then he’s not that bad. 😉 This old guy has been calling our home his since Valentine’s Day ’06. The Mr. and I couldn’t have made a better first addition to our family than this guy. Right, Mama B?

*More introductions and pictures coming soon!*


One Response to Cast Of Characters

  1. marducey says:

    Emily, I love the name and image on your blog! Just wonderful!

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