Thrifty Girl

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve stomped into one of my favorite thrift stores but nothing was stopping me this weekend!

Let’s take a peek at what I found!

I’m going to start with an item that I purchased without knowing exactly what I’d do with it (which usually is a no-no):

I love dogwood flowers. Maybe it’s b/c of the large and lovely tree in my front yard, maybe it’s not…but mostly it is. And this dish was just too pretty to pass up!

The following vase I reasoned I could use at our wedding to hold lollipops, flowers, licorice (or not) and JB bit.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good piece of milk glass? And can I please give you some advice? I never buy a piece of milk glass for more than 3 smackers. Never. This one just made it under the mark!

I got the triplets at 2 different stores, all three together cost under 5 bucks and these could also work on a candy buffet at a wedding…who knows?!

Now, the following, ahem, artwork, ahem, will be taken apart so that I can use the frames for my own art project…you know, if I ever get to it.

Or do you love the stitch work and overly dried flowers? Think I should keep it? :p (They actually photographed a lot nicer than they actually are…thought I’d put that out there).

I got a few other items as gifts and I know one of the recipients actually reads the blog (heeheehee, do you know who you are?!) so I can’t post them now. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably forget to post them after I gift them.

PP Find anything good in your local hunts? Do you have a specific store you have to go to for the best finds? Spill!


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