Work It Out: Skate To This

Yesterday I laced snapped up my skates and hit the streets.


  • That is my dirty, unfinished breezeway.
  • Those are my ridiculously old roller blades (that I have had and fit in since the 5th grade – size 8 1/2).
  • I am only 5’3″ and have size 8 1/2 (or sometimes 9) feet.
  • I understand rollerblading isn’t exactly what the cool kids are doing these days (trust me, I rolled by them and they snickered).

Using the free App from RunKeeper, I tracked my trips around the block.

Monday I went au natural only listening to the soundtrack of nature (I know, super cheese, but I can’t think of another way to say it) and I ended up skating 1.62 miles in just over 12 minutes.

Not that great.

Determined, I got out there today with my ancient iPod (not as ancient as the blades but you’ll get the idea in a minute).

I made it to my quitting point from yesterday and then a funny thing happened. This:

Thank you, Sir Mix A Lot, for not only helping me get in another .67 miles but for helping me finish strong.

I did face a lot more wind today so my time wasn’t awesome but then again, wind in Rochester is like, duh, gonna happen. <– (Yes, folks, I am a professional writer!) So I should just get used to it.

Anywhoooo…my point is this: I am now trying rollerblading and I work out better to music.


PP How about you? Do you listen to the chitter chatter of the birdies or do you rock out? If so, what’s your absolute get-me-through-the-end-of-this-workout song? I need to know!


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