Bathroom Closet Upgrade: Update

Breaking news, here people!

Remember this little project I did early this month?

You’ll be happy to know (or bored enough to care) that it has only gotten more organized.

I was able to return some of the millions of bath items that I still had receipts for (and managed to score around $70 in store credit to Ulta – I told you I have a problem but I always save receipts!)

And that blank floor space? What was to come of that?

TP storage! (Doesn’t this post just keep getting better and better?!)

I picked up the basket for $10 at  TJ Maxx yesterday (without measurements and too my luck I have a pretty good eye for guessing).

Yes, we buy bulk toilet paper. No, I am not ashamed walking through the aisles with a 20 pack under my arm. Everybody poops and I hate grocery shopping.

Hate it.

I also added a used and cleaned candle holder to corral all of our chapsticks in one place. JB and I have a pretty amazing tendency to lose chapstick so it ends up that we have about 20 sticks all around the house. Solution = Organization!

PP I still want to find a better box or basket for all of the medicine/bandaids on the shelf above the TP and a better way to use the space on the top shelf – there is a ton of it up there! Oh, and what do you think I should do with my store credit to Ulta? Facial, perhaps? Maybe a new hair do? And do not say bath products or fragrance b/c I will know you are messing me, k? Ooo, what’s your favorite fragrance or are you a fragrance junkie like myself? Fill me in!


6 Responses to Bathroom Closet Upgrade: Update

  1. Sarah says:

    I know exactly what you should do with the Ulta credit….drum roll…..Give it to ME!!!! YEAH!

  2. Miss Em says:

    For what? Safe keeping? Deary, you don’t have an Ulta around you – you have cows. :p


  3. Sarah says:

    DUH! For when I come visit you. That would be such a lovely gift. Afterall I did give you the best gift of all…your 2 beautiful nieces!

  4. Catebrigid says:

    Sarah, you’re a crackhead. I love you. Emily, I def think you should do something awesome to spoil yourself. A facial or a new haircolor would be awesome! I’m thinking of going auburn…thoughts? Also, my fav fragrance is Still by Jennifer Lopez. Once you find a scent that works with your body chemistry you can’t go back to anything else!

  5. Miss Em says:

    Hey! No name calling – the blog is a happy place, Cate, let’s keep it that way! :p And auburn as in red? If you skintone is as pink as mine it’s not the best idea but I would LOVE to have the hair color of Kate Walsh:

    I would also love to have her legs. Okay, let’s put it on paper, er, screen? Anyway, I have a total girl crush on Kate Walsh.


  6. Simon Lowell says:

    Hmm… Interesting! I always love reading the posts on this website.

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