Speaking Of Christmas Cards…

I just got three more in the mail!

This is me trying to stay strong on the “we will only mail out 16 cards this Christmas” decision Jerry and I made last night. HO! I mean, OH! And guess what else came in the mail today!?

I am unashamed. And the only other person on the planet who understands the necessity of this purchase is too far away to booty shake with me today. In her honor I am sipping tea during the slow songs from a large mug given to me from her (c’mon, I can’t booty shake to silent night now can I?) That’s what Christmas means to me, my love.

Confused? So is Eddie.

PP What’s your favorite Christmas album? I buy one every Christmas – give me some ideas for next year!


6 Responses to Speaking Of Christmas Cards…

  1. Catebrigid says:

    Snowed in is my fav Xmas album! Yay! They play it at work sometimes and I totally get down. If you call me, we can listen together and I’ll booty shake with you. Wouldn’t be Xmas without it! 😉

  2. Linda says:

    It that special person me?!

  3. Miss Em says:

    Lin, if you love this CD the love I have for you in my heart will grow three times this Christmas! Dear Cate there is the only person I know who likes it besides me! And I got your card today in the mail, it is sooo cute! Thank you!


  4. Sarah says:

    Oh my dear Hanson loving sisters. What would I have done without hearing all Hanson all the time growing up. I bet I still know almost all the lyrics. Not to the Xmas album though. Love yas!

  5. johnymac says:

    I don’t have a fav Christmas Album. I can recommend a good Summer album, though!

  6. Miss Em says:

    Summer? Dad, it’s January. You’re reaching.


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